Jadu sessions are just going great and all the fellows learned a lot whether they were technical or non-technical. The fellowship is focusing on soft skills too which is bringing great leadership and communication qualities to the fellows.

We got our hands dirty with Html which is the first step to a full-stack web developer. The instructor taught how to work on Html and how it works. He also elaborated its properties, attributes, and everything else related to Html.

In the soft skills session, we talked about personal branding. Personal branding determines what we want to be known for and figuring out who we are and what we are. Overall all the sessions were satisfactory and incredible.

Jadu is an online fellowship program which is enabling young graduates to compete in digital world with incredible technical and non technical skills. It provides great mentor-ship to the students and make them learn how to work remote with efficiency and efficacy. It is a full stack web development program which aims to teach technical as well as soft skills with remote working strategies to the student and make them earn great achievements.

Remote Work

As a fellow of this program I have learned a lot from whether it is technical or soft skills. It’s interactive environment enabling us to work as team and help each other with our skills. The mentors here are incredible people and we are learning great things.

Social Media Users around the world in 2019.

Faizan Khan

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